What to Know About Hot Heads Extensions…

We get some many questions about our Hot Heads Extension service. “What does it do? How does it work? What are the benefits of doing it?”

We had our Hot Heads educator Julie breakdown everything for us.

Hot Head extensions are small one-inch wefts of human remy hair that sandwich a small sliver of the guest hair to where the guest can wear it for 8-10 weeks before coming back in for some maintenance. The hair is rebounded and the same hair is placed back in for another 8-10 weeks. This process can be done 3 to 4 times. This resulting in guest purchasing hair every 9 months to a year.

Hot Heads comes in a variety of lengths, colors, and are custom matched to work with the guests desired result of length, fullness, or correction. All extensions are booked based on a consolation to determine if the guest is a good candidate for the service. Then hair is chosen specifically for that guest to blend with their natural density and to create a seamless blend.

You’ll need to call in ahead of time to set up a consultation. The consultation can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. The stylist will ask you several questions based around the information provided above.

·         How long are you looking to have your hair?

·         How full do you like?

·         Are you looking to correct the length possibly do to damage or cutting?

·         What are you looking to get out of doing extensions?

·         Etc.

You can always bring in pictures of extensions you see to give the stylist some visual aid and so they can get a feel of what you’re looking for. All the photos provided below are from our educator Julie's Instagram: @hairbyjulieavant