There's a reason for ponytail season

Here in the south we know the heat waves are about to start rolling in... So, ponytails here we come! 

Here are some ideas we love to keep you from doing the same old style. 

The Ariana Grande... Need I say more?! This is that high and tight ponytail. Having it pulled black sleek will draw the attention to your eyes and cheek bones. If you want to have it not so sleek and styled, fluff up the back a bit.

Low and Full. It's exactly like it sounds. Pulling the hair down into a low ponytail and then fluffing it up some. I personally think this is a great look if you brush out your tight curls. It'll extend your style a few days as well.  

The Double Ponytail. Yes, the ones you use to rock when you were little are back and better than ever. Some girls are even doing the Rey Star Wars look and doing three. This look is a great way into tricking others to thinking your hair is fuller and longer without having to add any extensions. 

Side swept and effortless. Pull your hair into a low pony, letting a few strands of hair free in the front, and sweep your tail over one of your shoulders. Yeah, it's that simple. 

Face frame. Pulling your hair up just in the middle/back of your head making the top a big messy and then pulling those classic few strands out in the front. For a more done up look curl the pieces hanging down with some loose curls.