Talk Social Media to Me



As you might be able to tell we love social media. You might also be able to tell we love Instagram. So we asked some of our staff which pages are their favorite to follow. Just click the names to check out our stylist pages and their favorites. 

Kelsey's picks (stylist and bridal coordinator): @parlour3beauty and @habitsalon 

Baylee's picks (hair stylist): @mastersofbalayage, @mastersofbraids, and @bestofbalayage

Angela's picks (social media): and @hair_by_zabara

Gabi's picks (hair and makeup artist): @larisadoll, @bangstyle, and @citiesbesthairartist 

Christina's picks (hairstylist): @kellymassiashair and @allyson_m_

photo from: @mastersofbalayage 

photo from: @mastersofbalayage