Do you have this service?

At SBS we have a lot of popular services... Balayage, base color, haircut, etc. Some of these and others we are well known for doing, but what a lot of people don't know is that we have a lot of "unknown" services that might not be as common that we do perform here. 

Some of the services that you might not know that we offer are with their prices. We are a level-based salon. The higher the level stylist the higher the price which is why you'll see a + after services. There are a few services that won’t be listed with prices because they are service that would depend on how many people we needed to do, if something had to be ordered, or if it's a special service.:

  • Keratin Express/Keratin $102 
  • Facial wax $22+
  • Airbrush makeup $85+
  • Bridal services
  • Extensions
  • Wigs for kids free 
  • Gloss (some refer to this as a glass or toner) $35+
  • Lashes $21
  • Makeup $65+ 
  • Vivid color $100+ 

If you have any questions, feel free to call into either one of our locations. We can also set up a complimentary consultation for services as well. 

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