All About That Bridal!

2018 is almost here and that means they'll be a tons of wedding planning going on for so many. We get asked so many questions on what and how to set up a bridal service with us. Here's some of the things you'll need to know before getting started. 

  • How to reach our bridal team?

Email is the best way to reach our Bridal coordinator Kelsey. (Please include a phone number in your message so you has a way to reach out to you if she has any questions)

  • What should I include when emailing in?

You should include as much information as possible. Include any dates you know how, number of your bridal party, if you know what services you’ll all need, if you’ll need an in salon or on site, and if you know it already a timeline of the day off. If you don’t know the timeline since you’re probably booking your date in advance just provide that information once available.

  • When should I be booking my big day?

The sooner you email or call in the better! So many people are coming to Charleston to get married now (thanks Blake Lively) that days book up so quickly. It’s best to book at least the day of service as soon as you have a date picked out.

  • Now that I know when I should book my day of service, when should I book my trial?

So many brides worry that they need to book this super far in advance, but honestly the closer it is to your big day the better. Maybe not the week of, but the suggested timing is around two months prior. This way you can go over hair and makeup services, but also have time if you like to sit down and finalize any information of questions you have contract wise.

  • Is there anything I should bring to my trial?

Biggest thing is to come in with clean dry hair. This goes the same for if you’re wanting to do a makeup trial as well. Clean fresh face. Another thing you should bring in with you are pictures! Bringing in photos of what you’re looking for hair and makeup wise can help out a stylist big time. It’ll give them an idea of not only what you’re looking for but what kind of style your wedding will be.  

Hair and makeup by Tiffany in Mtp.  Photo by 1lifephoto

Hair and makeup by Tiffany in Mtp.

Photo by 1lifephoto