2017 Fall Trends

Since we live in the south we all know that fall really doesn’t hit us till around November (then it's one amazing month of weather, then two weeks of freezing cold, then it’s summer again lol). If you’re like us though you’re going to want to take full advantage of that one fall month!

Here are some items that are going to be trending this fall.

Fashion: Camo. You’ll start seeing this reappearing all fall long. Fringe. This is another trend that rolling back around. Folk patterns. This is personally my favorite. Usually when I think fall I think muted pastels. This gives a fun pop to fall colors.

Makeup: Peach. Peach on your lips and your cheeks! Halo frame eyeshadow. You’ve seen this before and probably didn’t even know it had a proper name. It’s just having your bold shadow going around your whole eye. Bold brows. Brushed up and lightly filled in.

Hair: Saving the best for last. Tumbling waves. Big soft waves aren’t just for summer anymore. Low slung bun. I know when I think of fall I think of big warm scarves and this slick back low bun is the perfect style to compliment that look. Mini top buns. Feel like we’ve been seeing more and more of this popping up everywhere. Feel like its messy meets fun.