The 5 men's cuts you'll be seeing in 2018

Shaved: when I think of men with shaved hair I think Zayn Malik or Dave Franco. This look might seem scary to some men, but it's something that can easily help you help up your look. Especially if you’re a low maintenance man. 

Brushed up: Ahhhh the lazy man's pompadour. Style your hair up with some Bumble and Bumble texturing creme and you'll be good to go. This is a style that will make you look like you put in the time and effort for your hair, but no one needs to know how easy it was.  

Curly: Rock those natural locks! Spray or comb in some Curl Creme and take on your day. Curls can add such youth and playfulness to your look. 

Fade: My personal fave. This is a look I think just about any guy can pull off. It's both sexy and classic. You can have it long on the top or have them make it shorter and choppy. There are so many ways to style it, that I’ll give you diverse options. 

Long and low maintenance: Not all men can pull of long hair, but those who do love it. It's a wash and go kind of lifestyle we admire. Just don't forget to add something in to help with frizz and heat.  

March's Featured Stylist: Baylee

Baylee: Hair Stylist

Instagram: @hairby_baylee 

Location: West Ashley  

Get to know her:  Baylee is a Charleston native. Growing up in the small town of Goose Creek. She graduated from Stratford High School (Go Knights!). She recently moved to the James Island. If she isn't in the salon she's spending time with family, friends, and her fur baby. She loves all things summer, beach, boating, and pool floating. Nothing makes her happier than going out to eat sushi. 

Her specialties are: “My favorite technique for color would be Balayage or low maintenance colors. I love the ability to be creative with it and customize each look to all my clients wants and needs. As far as cuts go Lobs and Bobs are my jam! Doing a big chop can rock a client’s world and I love seeing the transformation." 

Bumble and Bumble top three"All StyleSurf Foam Spray Blow Dryand Dry Spun. I'm all about some textured, lived in, three-day hair." 

Which stylist at our salon inspires you the most: Christina. She's so inspiring. Her Balayages are awesome and she gets such a good blend. She works hard and motivated. She’s her biggest critic which says so much about her as an artist, and everything does is amazing. 

baylee march.jpg

Time to make a change

It’s time for a change.... to your hair of course! You gave us a call and booked your appointment; now here are some ways you can prepare for your visit. 

  • Get some ideas of what you want. Look at Pinterest, scroll through Instagram, check out our page, go through hashtags, look through magazines, and have these images readily available for you and your stylist to look at. These don't always have to be images of what you like, you can also save some of things that you don't like. That way the stylist can really have an idea of your dos and don'ts.
  • Think about styles or hair colors you have had in the past, what did you like most about them? What did you like least? Knowing this enable your stylist to give you a look that you will love!
  • If you have questions or concerns, feel free to jot them down and ask your stylist. We're not just here to make you look good for one day. We want to educate you on how to do it yourself after you leave the salon. Trust us we love questions so never be nervous to ask. 
  • Go with clean hair, it is a myth that you should come to the salon with "dirty" hair for a color appointment. Yes, our stylist will wash and style your hair for your service but coming in with clean or at least not several days messy hair will help our stylist really see what your rockin. 
  • Wear your hair like you would most days. Clients come into the salon with their hair in a pony tail and that doesn't give the stylist an idea of how you like to style your hair when it is down. 

Post appointment tips:

  • After receiving a color service, try not to wash your hair for 24-48 hours. Give your hair and the new color some time to rest. 
  • If you stylist has given you any special tips remember to try to use them when your styling yourself.
  • Having trouble styling your new do? If you didn't already purchase new hair care products, stop back by the salon to pick up the products that the stylist used to help you achieve the new look.
 Salon hours *both locations*  Sunday & Monday : Closed   Tuesday-Friday: 9:30am-7pm  Saturday: 9:30sm-3pm

Salon hours *both locations*

Sunday & Monday : Closed

Tuesday-Friday: 9:30am-7pm

Saturday: 9:30sm-3pm